Today, Bowon is stronger.

Meeting Bowon at his school in Thailand

We recently had a chance to visit Bowon at his school in Northern Thailand and see how good health & our community's support has continued to impact his life after surgery. Today, Bowon is stronger, not just physically, but also mentally.

His teachers shared that he always wanted to learn about computers & liked playing the guitar but after his arm amputation to treat his bone cancer diagnosis, Bowon lost hope for the future & struggled with depression. The experience of seeing strangers from around the world reach out to help changed everything for him.

Along with our medical partner BCMF, we met Bowon at his school in Thailand.

Learning from our team how technology is helping people overcome disability, witnessing our community support his life-saving surgery and follow-up care to ensure he is now cancer-free, knowing that his teachers will always be cheering him on, and seeing that we care to share his remarkable story with the world has made Bowon so much more confident & hopeful.

Just like for Bowon, Robert & 25,000+ other families, your donations not only help fund a patient's surgery but gives them the strength and opportunity to live a better life, go back to school or work, & dream big. After treatment, our patients share their hope to be able to pay forward the generosity one day to someone else in need. And, your solidarity gives our medical partners the trust that there is a whole wide world out there listening to their needs.

We’re showing the world that when we come together, we all move closer to making healthcare a reality for everyone. We envision a world where people everywhere can access quality healthcare, serving as a foundation for healthier lives, thriving communities, and strengthened health systems. All this is made possible by the support of our incredible community of donors & monthly supporters.

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Sonam Singh

Sonam Singh

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