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Imagine the relief on a new mom's face as she sees her newborn baby delivered safely through a C-section, that she worried would be out of reach. Picture the joy of a child taking their first confident step after healing from a birth condition that kept them from playing with other children. Consider the overwhelming gratitude felt by a rural farmer as they receive the care they deserve, restoring their livelihoods, well-being, and dignity. This is the impact we strive for every day. ⤵️

Meet Venensia, Maxwell, and Gift sharing a smile of relief after a successful surgery with the support of the Watsi Community.
Meet Venensia, Maxwell, and Gift sharing their smiles after successful surgery with the support of our passionate community and our dedicated medical partner African Mission Healthcare.

At Watsi, we are committed to partnering with trusted local medical teams around the world to bring life-changing healthcare to vulnerable communities, ensuring no one is left behind. With the support of our passionate community, we are bringing hope and transformation to the lives of women, children, and others in need.

However, our work at Watsi extends beyond the realm of providing healthcare to patients; it is also about listening to and empowering our frontline heroes—dedicated individuals like some of you who are selflessly serving communities in need around the world. From Kenya to Haiti to Burma, healthcare professionals exemplify compassion and resilience, making a difference in the lives of patients and communities.

To reimagine future healthcare systems that work for all, we need the best minds and hearts.

At Watsi, we recognize the critical importance of healthcare workers in providing quality care to those in need. We also understand the tremendous pressure and stress that comes with a caretaking role. That is why we are immensely proud to partner with "Collective H'arts," an inspiring community of healthcare artists dedicated to fostering resilience and healing through artistic expression.  

Together, with the incredible healthcare artists of Collective H'arts, we embarked on a mission to unleash the hidden talents of our own healthcare heroes. Our goal? To provide a global stage where their abilities could shine 💖, creative brilliance is celebrated, and 📣 voices are amplified across borders.

Art truly has the unrivaled power to transform lives and unlock our hearts. 🔑🔓 By nurturing creativity within our healthcare workforce, we sought to inspire and empower this community while working toward a brighter, healthier world together. A world where compassion catalyzes innovation, caring for the holistic well-being of all. A compassionate environment where creativity and self-care are cherished.

🌈 But our journey didn't end there. Together, with the boundless generosity of the Collective H'arts community and the unwavering dedication of our healthcare artists, we raised over $2,000—funds that served as catalysts for life-changing healthcare for 15 Watsi patients including 4-year-old Collings from Malawi supporting his hernia repair surgery.

We also invited our community of supporters from around the world to share their appreciation and shower our healthcare heroes who participated in Collective H'arts, with words of encouragement. The response created a wave of kindness and positivity that touched us deeply.✨

To each person who shared a message, we extend our deepest appreciation. Your unwavering support is a beacon of light in a world that can often feel daunting and lonely for our healthcare heroes. Your kindness means the world to us and our medical partners.💙

We invite you to deepen your support of the remarkable heroes of our partner African Mission Healthcare (AMH) by taking a moment to meet a patient today. Your donation today can make a meaningful difference in our shared mission to bring healthcare to those most in need.

Together, let's continue to paint a brighter future, where art, compassion, and healthcare come together to create a symphony of healing and hope.👩🏻‍🎨

Sonam Singh

Sonam Singh

Storytelling, analytics, and marketing @Watsi