And the Watsi Community Survey says...

Ten years ago, we launched Watsi to make healthcare a reality for everyone. Powered by the generosity of supporters like you, the inspiring dedication of our medical partners around the world, and the trust of our patients and their families, this year we reached our 25,000th patient. 🎉

As we looked back on the last decade & what made it all possible, we made a promise to invest even further in our community-led model & show the world that people-powered philanthropy is the way forward to building a brighter, healthier world. And it all starts with your voice.

The starting point: We launched our community survey to gather your thoughts and invaluable advice, and the responses we received were exactly what we hoped for—showing us what you all are loving and where we can continue to grow and do better. Some results were expected, and others were less predictable. A big thanks to our awesome intern, Skylah, for putting it all together!

At Watsi, we’ve long had an obsession with radical transparency (87% of you believe in that too 😉). So when we asked our entire team to weigh in on the survey results, we found some favorite learnings. Let's get sharing!

0.71% of respondents disagreed with the statement: The website is simple making donating easy.

“The website account login is difficult to find, at least on iPhone.”

While we 💙 that over 99% of you find that Watsi makes donating simple and easy, we hear you about making the giving experience better on your phone. This is important to us too. To be able to log in to your account & see all the patients you have helped with Watsi is the best feeling. We cannot wait to make this even easier for you! It will require some building, but we are ready. 🏗💪

Only 14% of respondents heard about us on Social Media.

We know many of us have a love/hate relationship with social media and we do our best to be a bright spot on the interwebs for our community. While we try to reach more people to join our movement through social media, it's amazing to see that many of our most trusted supporters joined Watsi because of YOU and simply through word of mouth. When you tell even one friend about Watsi, it creates a wave of generosity 🌊. Try it out today, dedicate a donation to a friend, or share a Watsi gift card 💌 with someone who you think cares about doing good as much as you do!

Only 8%  voted for community-driven virtual events.

This feedback really helps us to focus on what's most important to you. A little Zoom'd out, are we? What we heard is that you value and hope Watsi focuses on:

· Dignified storytelling about our patients, community, and programs

· Sharing our vision, strategy, goals, and challenges

· Hearing personal updates on the patients you support

We love sharing about all things Watsi and we cannot wait to do more of just that!

But we also never want to miss an opportunity to grab a virtual or in-person ☕️ & hear more from you, so if you would love that too, please drop in a 👋 at anytime!

And Now The Exciting Part

On top of these insights, you came together to show us where we have room for improvement and suggested new, creative ways to continue our mission and deepen our impact.

(Psst, we already have an exciting update coming your way. Continue reading 🤩)

Some of the feedback shared by our community in the survey
Some of the feedback shared by our community in the survey!

Update 🤩: #TeamWatsi has been working with our senior engineer and engineering intern to cook up something to make finding patients you connect with even easier and more personal. Want to help someone in Kenya? Want to be the first to make a donation to a new patient? Beta-test it for us today and let us know what you think.

A big thank you to everyone who shared their voice in our community survey and provided us with your valuable time and opinions. Your voice truly matters to us—YOU are what makes Watsi grow and thrive. Thank you for making healthcare possible for those most in need, around the world, one generous gift a time.

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Infographic showing the results of Watsi Community Survey 2022
And the Watsi Community Survey Says...
The Watsi Team

The Watsi Team

Everyone deserves healthcare.