Watsi in Mali, a country at war

You’ve seen Mali in the news lately because it’s embroiled in a serious civil conflict.

The eyes of the international community are on Mali right now. Rebels in the northern part of the country are moving towards the south, and violence is exploding across normally peaceful cities and villages. Last month, France was the first to intervene.

We’ve partnered with Project Muso, a Partners in Health organization working on the outskirts of Mali’s capital, Bamako, to fund life-changing medical care for their patients.

Despite the conflict, Project Muso is pushing forward. “If the community members we work with were supposed to despair in the midst of the manifold crises that surround them, well, then they didn’t get the memo,” says Ari Johnson, director of Project Muso, “They are focused and determined to build a better future for their children and their communities.”

Just minutes ago, we posted profiles for Samba and Mohamed, two Malian patients in need of funding for medical care. This is one of those times when global support is critically important.

We hope you’ll join us in supporting Malian efforts to build a better future.

Support patients in Mali!

Grace Garey

Grace Garey

Cofounder at Watsi