Voices from the frontlines: Celebrating our nurses

Health workers–including nurses, midwives, and community health workers–are essential for expanding health services and reaching universal health coverage. So we asked our nurses what inspires them to serve their patients every day. These frontline heroes spend time where their patients are, understanding their lived experiences and humanizing conversations and treatments. They respect individual realities, fostering a compassionate approach that prioritizes patient-centered care.

Here's what they said:

Grace in Kenya

Grace works in the surgical ward at Nazareth Hospital and has served Watsi's patients with our Medical Partner African Mission Healthcare for several years. She finds her inspiration in "seeing a patient regain hope and walking home smiling."

Rina in Cambodia

Rina is on the reconstructive surgery team at Children's Surgical Centre. She shared with us,"I love being a nurse because my knowledge helps me take care of my family members and other people who need my help. For me, it is an honor to offer a social contribution to my country." When she's not working in the operating room, Rina loves to read books, cook, and listen to music.

Naw Ree in Thailand

Naw Ree has worked at Mae Tao Clinic since 1991 and is a nurse and a midwife. She serves Burma Children Medical Fund's Watsi patients with care & compassion, and shared, "I love to give health education about prevention and also give counseling to patients when I see it is needed." In her free time, she also loves to garden 🌱.

In addition to helping patients, Naw Ree loves teaching.
Leah (left) and Naomi (right and in blog header image) in Tanzania

Naomi and Leah both care for pediatric patients at the Plaster House and Arusha Lutheran Medical Center in Tanzania.

Naomi told us:

"Nursing these patients to recovery and seeing them happy and grateful once they fully recovered means a lot to me. I am a mother and I love children so seeing a child's life changed for the better through the work of my hands makes me very happy and proud."

And, Leah added:

"Nursing these patients throughout the treatment period and finally seeing them return to their homes completely healed make me very happy because I know I have taken part in changing their lives."
Srey Mouy in Cambodia

Srey Mouy is a senior nurse in the Ear Nose Throat Department at Children's Surgical Centre (CSC) in Cambodia. She enjoys listening to music, doing research, and reading when she's not at work. She shared, "I love being a nurse at CSC because I can enhance my knowledge, I can help disadvantaged people... I am happy to see them smiling. I like when they say "thanks" and I know my job is done!"

Margaret in Kenya

Margaret is a nurse helping children at BethanyKids in Kijabe, Kenya. She shared that she's motivated by her, "love for children and being someone's miracle every day by seeing them smile despite their issues."

Sokngin, Yinna, and Daro in Cambodia

Sokngin is a nurse for patients undergoing sight-restoring eye surgery. She shared, "I like surgical nursing because it's an opportunity to support the health of my patients. I enjoy seeing them get well after surgery.” When not at work, she loves to spend time with her family, cooking, and going bowling.

Yinna works tirelessly to ensure every patient has a safe surgery. He's been a nurse for nearly 40 years and is now the senior nurse administrator in the anaesthesia department. He told us:

"In 1983, I graduated with a nursing degree and started my career next following year. My mother is also a nurse. In 2000, I started as a scrub nurse at CSC and knew this job was going to be my life-long career. I love working with the patients and physicians. I perform high-level duties, I have the opportunity for social contribution, and often train or oversee new nursing staff."

He also finds time to enjoy life outside of surgery and shared, "Besides my job, I enjoy planting fruit trees at my house - mango, jackfruit, coconut, and lemon. I also enjoy making furniture to decorate my house." (We'd definitely love to visit his home one day ☀️)

Daro also works with the surgical and anaesthesia teams. He said:

"I like nursing because it's an important profession and gives me the opportunity to help people. I also love to hear them tell me their story. I hope my service will be helpful to them in a lifelong way."
Hnin Su in Burma

Hnin Su is the head nurse in the operating room at Mawlamyine Christian Leprosy Hospital, a Care Center of our Medical Partner Burma Children's Medical Fund. She also helps to share the photos and stories of patients who YOU meet on Watsi. She's been a nurse for 13 years and is motivated to serve patients by her deep faith and belief that we should give our lives to service, sharing "that is why I love to serve as a nurse." When she has free time, she loves to go hiking with her friends.

We love hearing what inspires our nurses and have shared with each of them how much they inspire us. We'll always be grateful to them for serving our communities's most critical need - our health and well-being 💙.

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The Watsi Team

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