Voices from the frontlines: Compassion and resiliency in Kijabe

On World Health Day, Edward and the team from African Mission Healthcare (AMH) gave us an exclusive, behind-the-scenes tour of the Kijabe Medical Campus. Our community is proud to support AMH as they respond urgently and compassionately to meet this extraordinary moment of need in our world.

Today, we're excited for you to meet some of the heroes who are making healthcare a reality for Watsi patients in Kijabe since 2013!

Edward from our Medical Partner AMH
Meet Edward! He's the Impact Assessment Coordinator at AMH.

Edward welcomed us and proudly shared:

"We are a small, but mighty team. Together let us commit to creating a healthier, more equitable future for all!"

Kijabe is located 40 miles from Kenya’s capital city of Nairobi and is home to three Watsi Care Centers: AIC CURE International Hospital, AIC Kijabe Hospital, and BethanyKids Hospital, with two focused exclusively on pediatric surgery. The campus serves as a leading training and hospital referral site for the entire East Africa region. This special corner of the world is only .02 square miles, but is home to miracles happening everyday.

While providing critical access to safe, high-quality surgery for patients, Kijabe also welcomes medical trainees from all over Africa to empower the next generation of surgeons and healthcare leaders for the continent.

Surgical trainees from Burundi and Ethiopia
Surgical trainees from Burundi and Ethiopia in the operating room.

The World Health Organization estimates that while 24% of the global burden of disease is in Africa, the continent only has 3% of the global health workforce. Limited healthcare capacity is a pressing challenge, highlighting the importance of providing both care and hands-on training.

Global distribution of health workers by burden of disease and level of health expenditure. Source: World Health Organization. Dot size is proportional to regional expenditure.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and multiple lockdowns, the frontline healthcare workers in Kijabe have been steadfast in their mission to provide compassionate and essential care for their community as well as for patients arriving from all over Kenya and even other countries. We're so inspired by their resiliency and commitment to serving patients during this moment of tremendous need.

Up next, say hello to Bournventure 👋🏾! He's the Watsi representative from AMH at BethanyKids Hospital. Bournventure spends the day listening to patients and their families and feels a personal investment in getting to know them, sharing their stories, and accompanying them on their healthcare journey.

Not only is Bournventure helping to empower patients and families through sharing their experiences, he's also inspired by the resilience of those he serves:

“The best part of our work is seeing our patients thrive after surgery. They are an inspiration!”

The appreciation definitely goes both ways, as Bournventure’s office is filled with heartfelt notes from our patients over the years. In addition to the life-changing work he leads, Bournventure is also a photographer 📸!

Cards from Watsi Patients
Watsi patients and their families share gratitude for their life-changing care.

Our partner doctors, nurses, and healthcare workers are true heroes! Each day, the team leads hospital ward rounds to check in on how patients are doing and make sure they are recovering well. Did you know that every year 81 million people risk being pushed into poverty to access essential surgery? Together, we’re part of the solution.

Now say hello to Robert 👋🏾! He's our Watsi representative for AIC Kijabe Hospital. His role is to support patients throughout their treatment, which includes meeting with families and the hospital's financial department to make sure all are fully cared for so patients can focus on their recovery and return home healthy and restored. He's an amazing listener and makes sure our patients' needs ALWAYS come first.

This year we've seen all that is possible when we come together. With your life-changing support and through the dedication and collective effort of our medical partner, Watsi reps, and the entire healthcare team in Kijabe, we commit to creating a healthier, more equitable future for all.

We’d love for you to visit Kijabe in person sometime, but until then, we hope this gives a glimpse into the the day-to-day work of these healthcare heroes. If you want a way to show up for the incredible team in Kijabe and healthcare workers around the world as we sustain access to essential care during the COVID-19 crisis, join our Universal Fund supporting a new Watsi patient each month.

Asante sana! Thank you! 🙏🏾

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The Watsi Team

The Watsi Team

Everyone deserves healthcare.