Brick by brick, this is the world we are building.

The numbers are staggering. 17 million lives lost each year. 81 million people facing extreme poverty to access critical care. $12.5 trillion lost GDP by 2030. This is the reality of not investing in safe surgical care and universal health coverage. But we are working every day to make another reality possible: a world with health for all.

For health systems to work, they must work for everyone. They must reach the end of the muddy, dirt roads that lead to Maung’s family. In 2016, Maung started to feel unwell. Still, two years later, he had not been able to visit a doctor and his condition had now left Maung bedridden. With four young children and no other support, his wife became their family’s sole breadwinner losing all hope that her husband would survive. Finally, with the help of our local medical partner BCMF, Maung made it to a hospital where people from all around the world came together on Watsi to fund his bladder surgery. As he was healing, his wife told us, “I am very happy to see that my husband is alive.”

When we visited Maung’s rural village along the Burma border in 2022, he was not only healthy and thriving but also giving back and working to build their community’s new school.

Brick by brick, this is the world we are building. And it is going to take all of us. At Watsi, we feel honored each day to be able to partner up with many of the world’s best and brightest healthcare workers to bring care to even the most remote communities around the world. Because, no matter who you are, where you were born, or how much money you have — we all deserve a full shot at life.

A lifetime of impact - Meet Maung and his family from Burma

If you are reading this, THANK YOU for listening to the stories and voices calling for a world with health for all. Join us — and Maung — to build the world we all want and move us closer to universal health coverage.

Here’s to a healthy world where no one has to wait for the healthcare they deserve!


Executive Director, Watsi

Mackinnon Engen

Mackinnon Engen

Executive Director @Watsi