When they said it was boot camp for startups.

In January, Jesse, Grace, and I quit our jobs to bring Watsi to Y Combinator, a three-month startup accelerator program in Silicon Valley.

We’ve been living, working, and stealing wifi from coffee shops together, all in preparation for “Demo Day” next week, when we’ll have 2.5 minutes to convince an audience of the world’s top investors that Watsi is the next big thing.

Because of your support, Watsi is one of the fastest growing non-profits in history. But I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous to pitch our tiny startup to the titans of Silicon Valley. All eyes are on us, and if there’s ever been a time to tell a friend about Watsi or donate a few dollars of your own, it’s right now.

I’m emptying my piggybank as I type ;)

Chase Adam

Chase Adam

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