The Pay it Forward Bundle raised $150k for patients like Lucresia

“We believe this little girl has a lot of potential.”

“She is small, I know, but so are all of my children,” her mother said. “I never knew that they could have been bigger, and that their sickness is connected to their size.”

One-year-old Lucresia came to Watsi’s medical partner in Guatemala with a fever and cough. She was also severely underweight. After a thorough work-up, she was diagnosed with acute malnutrition.

Lucresia’s mother did not have the education or resources to provide her with the right food. Their family had no access to clean water, so Lucresia drank boiled coffee and soda.

In December, Creative Market organized a Pay it Forward Bundle, bringing together the web’s top design brands to fund healthcare around the world. Users had the option to pay what they wanted for design services, and all proceeds went directly towards funding life-changing healthcare for Watsi patients like Lucresia, who is one of 1.1 million children in Guatemala fighting malnutrition.

Lucresia wasn’t the only patient whose healthcare was funded by the Pay it Forward Bundle. The bundle raised $150,000 to fund life-changing healthcare for 261 other patients around the world. It not only supported healthcare for those patients, but it also supported the medical organizations that fighting serious conditions in their communities – in Lucresia’s case, chronic malnutrition.

In Guatemala today, 49.8% of children under five years old are malnourished.

Many of these families are unable to access or afford healthy food, and parents are not educated on how best to feed their children.

Watsi’s medical partner has launched one of the most innovative malnutrition programs in the world to address this problem. Not only do they provide medication and food for children, but they have a comprehensive growth monitoring, education, and nutrition program that follows children for months until they reach a normal weight.

Thanks to the Pay it Forward Bundle, Lucresia was the recipient of Wuqu’ Kawoq’s care. It only took $535 to fully fund food and micronutrient supplementation to restore her weight, strengthen her immune system, and combat her fever and cough. Her mother also received intensive nutritional education.

“We believe this little girl has a lot of potential if given adequate resources,” Lucresia’s doctor told us.

Thanks to the Pay it Forward Bundle, resources are no longer standing in the way of her potential.

Thanks to everyone who made this bundle possible, including Creative Market, Dribbble, Wunderlist, inVision, Karma, Macaw, Carbon, Stacksocial, MOO, Dissolve, Survata, Studio, Skillshare, Autodesk Pixlr, Threadless, and Scribd for helping us change lives around the world.

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Katya Lavine

Katya Lavine

I manage medical partnerships @ Watsi