Celebrating our 2022 Summer Interns

This summer we're hosting two amazing interns from The University of Chicago for a 10-week social impact internship program. We're excited to welcome Sabine and Skylah to #TeamWatsi! In celebration of National Intern Day, we thought it would be an excellent time to catch up with these rising stars to learn more about what's inspiring them so far.

Sabine (she/her)| Engineering Intern

Sabine Salnave, Watsi Summer Intern 2022

What inspires you most about interning at Watsi?

Sabine: "One of the most inspiring things I’ve seen this summer is the extent to which the organization is invested in its mission. It’s incredible to see everyone’s genuine interest in not only expanding access to healthcare around the world🌏, but doing so in a way that is conscious about the impact on patients, donors, and partners."

Sabine has big dreams and is definitely on her way to achieving them: "I’m hoping to pursue a career in software development upon graduation, and I’m excited to gain experience through my internship at Watsi!"

Skylah (she/her)| Impact Intern

Skylah Fregoso, Watsi Summer Intern 2022

What inspires you most about interning at Watsi?

Skylah: "I have greatly enjoyed interning with Watsi thus far! What inspires me most about working with this amazing organization is the shared desire to do more good and to maintain compassion, positivity, and celebration🥰 while doing it." (We couldn't agree more, Skylah 🎉)

Skylah aspires to take the values that are lived out so authentically at Watsi and use them to guide her in everything she does in the future!

At Watsi, we know that we can’t make healthcare a reality for everyone by ourselves, but we believe that by bringing a diverse & exceptionally motivated team together, we’ll be able to do the most good for our patients around the world.

As Sabine and Skylah both begin their journey at Watsi, we hope you'll join us to cheer them on for the incredible hearts (& inspiring minds) they share to make this world a better, healthier place.

P.S: Volunteer Alert 🚨 Are YOU too looking to make more of a difference in the world this year? Love to write? We are looking for volunteer writers to join us in 2022. If interested, please send a note with a little about yourself to connect@watsi.org with the subject line “Watsi Volunteer Writer” by Wednesday, August 10th. ✏️

The Watsi Team

The Watsi Team

Everyone deserves healthcare.