Stories of three Watsi donors, filmed by Bokeh Pictures

Bokeh Pictures is a full-service film and video production studio founded by a team of creative professionals from Silicon Valley giants like Google and Apple.

They enthusiastically donated their time and expertise to produce a 100% pro-bono video about why donors use Watsi.

Bokeh’s wildly talented crew captured the stories of three Watsi donors - Nadia, Sam, and Ana - on film. Watch the video to find out why they Watsi.

We are so grateful to Gather Restaurant in Berkeley for letting us take over their beautiful space (above), our friend and supporter Tabreez Verjee for graciously opening his office to us, and the Ghilardi Family for sharing their home (complete with coffee and grilled cheese sandwiches) with the Watsi and Bokeh teams.

Huge thanks also to Nadia Brunner-Velasquez, Sam Chaudhary, and Ana Maria Kelley for letting us film your stories, and to the dozens of our friends who came out to be extras in the video.

Watch the video and check out Bokeh Pictures if you’re in need of an epic film yourself!

Grace Garey

Grace Garey

Cofounder at Watsi