A company extends support for patients around the world

At most conferences, attendees leave company booths with business cards, pamphlets, or free trials. But this year, at the Annual National Institute of the Healthcare Financial Management Association, attendees who visit Patientco's booth will change a life.

For each badge scanned at their booth, Patientco, a healthcare payments technology company, will donate $5 to fund life-changing healthcare for patients like Non, a baby from Cambodia who was born blind and had his sight restored with $225 from Watsi donors.

“At Patientco, we are set on creating positive change in healthcare for everyone," Kurt Lovell, Patientco's Chief Operating Officer told us. "As a vital part of that goal, we actively give back to those who are unable to afford healthcare for themselves. When we found out about Watsi, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to extend our goal of creating positive change to patients around the world.”

Watsi exists to connect people, so we're thrilled to connect Patientco and their community directly with patients in need of healthcare. This partnership will make an enormous difference for patients around the world like Non.

Learn more about Patientco's work to make healthcare payments simpler and more transparent on their website, and follow their support for patients around the world on their Watsi page!

Grace Garey

Grace Garey

Cofounder at Watsi