Our approach to patient privacy is simple, we treat every patient how we would like to be treated.

Because we rely on our Medical Partners to submit patient information, we spend a lot of time working with them to ensure patients’ rights are protected in the following three categories:


  • We believe Watsi patients should own their own information. Everything from the content they share on Watsi, to their photo, to the ability to remove their profile at any time is controlled by them.


  • Because most Watsi patients aren’t computer literate, we rely on our Medical Partners to upload information on their behalf. We work with our Medical Partners to ensure that they explain Watsi to every patient in a way that makes sense given their local context. Additionally, every patient must sign a clear waiver in their local language affirming their understanding of the program before we accept their profile.


  • It is incredibly important to us that every patient decide for themselves whether or not they want to participate in the Watsi program. For patients who wish to remain anonymous, we offer alternative sources of funding via our General Fund. This ensures that no patient is ever forced to decide between receiving medical care and sharing their story with the world.

Like most things at Watsi, our privacy policies are a work in progress, and we will continue to update them based on feedback from our patients and Medical Partners. And as always, we’d love your input as well.

Chase Adam

Chase Adam

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