Offscreen Magazine + Watsi = spreading the health!

If you’re into tech, design, people, and photography, you’re going to love Offscreen Magazine. We loved it the first time we laid eyes on it, and that was before they told us they wanted their readers to fund medical care on Watsi!

Starting today, Offscreen is donating 50% of their profits for the rest of the month to Watsi.

Offscreen’s founder writes on their blog, “I’ve been giving to Watsi several times in the past and have never felt more confident that my dollars are having a real impact on people’s lives. Though the concept of crowdfunding for charities isn’t new, Watsi does it in a very simple, effective, and most of all, extremely transparent way. Watsi’s story isn’t unlike others we feature in our magazine: it comes down to a person with a passion for tech trying to solve a (serious) real world problem.”

Thanks for spreading the health with us, Offscreen!

Grace Garey

Grace Garey

Cofounder at Watsi