In honor of Mother's Day, we asked mothers in Cambodia and the U.S. what advice they give their children.

No two answers were the same, but they all had one thing in common — they were all looking out for their children. Here’s what they said:

"Always listen to your elders"

Six-year-old Daro can’t stop moving. “He plays with his hands a lot,” says his mother Sokheang. “But he also moves his mouth a lot,” she smiles. “So I tell him to never be rude and that he should always listen to his elders. He still has a long way to go.”

"Follow your passions"

For Emma, A Watsi donor and professional writer, passion is everything. “People who thrive offer something really special, something they are just obnoxiously passionate about,” says Emma. "I urge Helena and Lucas to follow their passions."

"Don’t be friends with kids who skip school"

“I finally stopped worrying, and I finally started planning,” Nam said when Watsi donors funded life-saving treatment for her 12-year-old son Veasna. “My son wants to be a teacher so I tell him to study hard and don’t be friends with kids who skip school. I know he’ll get there”

"Take some quiet time and laugh everyday"

"My mom always gives wonderful advice,” says Katya, who runs patient operations at Watsi. Growing up, her mother Kim always told her to “be sure to take some quiet time every day just for you. And, just as important, be sure to laugh about something everyday!”

"Be good for society"

Heng is only five months old, but her mother Hoeng is already thinking ahead. “She is healthy now and she will grow up to be happy. My advice to her is to get a good education, become a doctor, and be good for society. I know she’s young, but I know my daughter can change lives.”

"Call your mom"

Jeremy, a product manager at Watsi, was born on Mother’s Day. "He was the best gift," says his mother Barbara. "I have and always will tell him to be kind and helpful, have a firm handshake, and of course, always call his mom.”

"Take care of the people in your life"

When we met eight-month-old Hazanas, she was playing in her mother's lap surrounded by family. “My father died when I was a day old," said her mother Mary. "So I always took care of my mother. When Hazanas gets older, I will tell her to take care of the people in her life too."

This Mother's Day, thank a mom who looks out for you. Click "dedicate donation" to fund healthcare for a patient in their honor.

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Michelle Fernández

Michelle Fernández

Telling the stories of Watsi patients and donors. Head of Content at Watsi.