Ross, Watsi’s new designer, hails from Toronto, where he recently graduated from the York/Sheridan Program in Design. He’ll be designing and developing some of the organization’s donor-facing and medical products. We asked him a few questions about his interests, and some exciting — and eclectic — personal projects he’s working on. Welcome, Ross!

Name a few apps you can't live without:
What’s your favorite food?

There's this one noodle bowl from a Vietnamese place in Toronto. Hot meat, cold noodles. So good. Makes me feel like:

What’s one of your most interesting possessions?

I don’t own much stuff, but back home in Toronto I have a pile of leftover materials from old art school projects. There’s all sorts of things in there: glow-in-the-dark inks, fluorescent lamps, electroluminescent wire, CNC-milled cedar scraps, and so on. It’s a pretty eclectic assortment.

Every once in a while I’ll stumble across it, and be reminded of the little escapades involved with each of the projects. The panes of frosted glass remind me of romping around snowy farmers’ fields and taking artsy portraits with friends. The broken film cameras remind me of short-lived attempts at underwater photography.

I’ll need to find a better home for most of it eventually, but until I do, it’s a fun archive from that time in my life.

What’s your favorite hobby?

I've been getting into hiking and camping. Killarney was a recent favorite, but I still have yet to top Yosemite or the southern coast of Iceland.

What are some personal projects you’ve got going on?

I'm slowly continuing to develop my undergraduate thesis project: an online platform for open notebook science. The systems in place for publishing scientific research are pretty broken right now. I’m exploring ways they could be restructured to make doing and publishing research more accessible, collaborative, and, ultimately, productive.

I’m also starting a food blog where I go to different restaurants and review the tap water. It’s mostly a joke (but also not).

You can learn more about Ross by visiting his personal website.

Mustafa Al-Qinneh

Mustafa Al-Qinneh

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