As a Program Advisor for Watsi, Kimmy is deeply involved in program management, strategy, development, philanthropy partnerships, and impact communications.

Kimmy has 20+ years of experience in global healthcare. With a background in Public Relations and Communications, Kimmy has led award-winning health advocacy programs and brand awareness campaigns across the Asia-Pacific region. She has done extensive work around tobacco control and smoking cessation, improving access to medicines and healthcare, capacity building for medical professionals, and developing innovative and sustainable healthcare solutions in low-resource settings.

Most recently, she led program management and expansion for comprehensive cleft surgery and care across Southeast Asia. She also led the development and implementation of education and training opportunities for healthcare professionals, social workers, and mothers in the region. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Kimmy launched innovative telehealth services for breastfeeding, nutrition, and speech therapy in the Philippines and led the development of the first (and only) Filipino speech-language mobile application for individuals born with a cleft.

From the Philippines, Kimmy recently moved to British Columbia, Canada, where she completed her MA in Leadership in Health. Kimmy, her husband, and their three children are happily exploring the beautiful outdoors and adjusting to their new life in Canada.

The Watsi Team

The Watsi Team

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