I'm excited to introduce you to our newest Watsi Medical Partner: an amazing team in Colombia helping little superheroes 🦸🏻🦸🏽‍♀️ who are in need of life-changing healthcare. From the moment I met Clínica Noel, I couldn't wait to introduce them to our global Watsi community.

While our partnership is new, Clínica Noel has been a leading healthcare provider for children in Colombia for nearly 100 years. Their specialists are recognized across the region for excellence in pediatric surgery and interdisciplinary treatment for patients so they can grow up to have full, healthy lives ahead.

Alexmar is our first patient supported by Watsi at Clínica Noel. Her surgery was fully funded in only 5 hours!

Huge thank you to our community who showed up BIG to welcome Clínica Noel by funding treatment for our very first patient together in only five hours! Alexmar was born with clubfoot of both of her feet, limiting her ability to walk and play as she grows (but definitely not diminishing her smile or curiosity 💙). Her family moved from Venezuela due to the political and economic situation, so accessing the care she needs for her birth condition in their new country has been challenging. With our community's critical support, Alexmar is scheduled to undergo her surgery next week and we'll share an update with you soon on how she's recovering.

We believe partnering with local medical teams, including the incredible crew at Clínica Noel, is the best way to ensure sustainable, timely, and efficient access to high-quality healthcare that communities around the world need. Our medical partners have the expertise, local knowledge, and lived experience to create the most impact for the patients we reach together. If you've ever wondered what your "tip" on Watsi helps support, in addition to hosting our site and covering fees, these donations help fuel our ability to grow and launch new partnerships like this—doing more good, for more people.

If you haven't joined in already, I hope you'll check out our Universal Fund to support our local medical partners all year long to provide life-changing healthcare for patients in Colombia and around the world.

With gratitude,

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Mackinnon Engen

Mackinnon Engen

Executive Director @Watsi