Medisico is supporting Watsi patients with each sale!

We’re excited to introduce a new supporter of Watsi patients, Medisico. A London-based life sciences business, in the last two weeks alone Medisico has donated $11,789 to fund healthcare for 40 patients in 9 countries.

Medisico’s founder, Stephen Soos, writes:

From inception this company has been built on the new paradigm of giving, and creating more value in the world than it receives. Watsi allows us to reach out directly and instantly to positively touch the lives of the patients featured on this magnificent portal.

Medisico is all about patient outcomes. We develop life enhancing treatments and deliver these treatments direct to patients. Watsi means that we can extend that reach and use our income to make people well and save lives.

In the first week on Watsi we were able to contribute to or fully fund operations that literally saved the lives of a number of children. There can be no more a noble reason to be in business and we are grateful for the team behind Watsi for enabling our business to make this world just that little bit better.

I invite you to join us and watch your contribution, no matter how big or how small, give a fellow human the gift of life. That’s power.

It’s great to see companies looking to do good as they do well. To participate in Medisico’s campaign to fund life-changing healthcare for patients around the world, visit their page on Watsi.

Grace Garey

Grace Garey

Cofounder at Watsi