How social connection is powering social impact

Picture this: Sarah hits the gym 💪, crushes her workout, and checks in on social media. With each check-in, Causely donates to a patient on Watsi, allowing Sarah to flex her muscles and make an impact on people in need of life-changing healthcare!

So how does this work?

In a world where small acts of kindness can create a ripple of immense impact, we have joined forces with Causely to revolutionize the way healthcare reaches those in need. Causely works by partnering with small businesses, churches, restaurants, and gyms and providing their community with a unique platform to give back to charitable causes including our global work at Watsi. Through our innovative partnership, every time someone checks in on Facebook or leaves a review, a patient on Watsi receives a donation toward their medical treatment.

Imagine how this simple action has the power to unlock hope, restore dignity, and improve the lives of individuals around the world. By helping communities come together in a more meaningful way, Causely transforms everyday activities, like checking in on social media or hitting the gym, into opportunities to support amazing charitable causes like Watsi, creating a ripple of positive change that spreads far and wide. 🌊

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The impact on our patients has been life-changing! Last year, the Causely community came together to fund a c-section for Ronnah, a gentle and humble woman from Uganda. Her husband previously worked as a school teacher but lost his job during the pandemic. Due to her high-risk pregnancy, her doctor recommended that she delivered via cesarean section to protect her life and her new baby. Ronnah’s only hope was to be able to deliver a healthy baby.

With unwavering support from our 2022 Causely + Watsi campaign, Ronnah welcomed a beautiful, healthy baby boy weighing 3.3 kg! Her bright smile radiated gratitude as she expressed her heartfelt thanks, saying, “Thank you for funding the surgery which, on my own, I could not manage. Continue helping others like me and keep up with such a loving heart.” 💛

It was the power of community that made this life-changing moment possible.

But the impact didn’t stop there. Through all the check-ins and reviews, the Causely community also rallied together to help Davin, a football-loving 3rd grader. He had difficulty hearing his teacher and his classmates. He was often absent from school due to his ear pain, but everything changed when he underwent the surgery he needed. Together, we funded treatment for Davin’s inner ear enabling him to hear and communicate better and chase after his big dreams.

Now, Davin looks forward to doing well at school and playing with his friends! His mother told us. “We were worried about Davin for so long, we thought he would never hear again, and it would be difficult for him as he grows up. Thank you to the donors who donated and to the wonderful doctors and nurses.”

At Watsi, we’re hopeful for a brighter, healthier world where everyone has access to the healthcare they need to thrive. This is only possible if we come together through partnerships like our incredible work with the Causely community. We’ve shown the world that when we come together for good, amazing things can happen.

We can’t wait to launch our special campaign again this year so we can change more lives together! Thank you Causely for making it simple to do good while having fun.

You can follow Causely’s support for patients around the world on their Watsi Impact Page.

Are you too seeking meaningful partnerships to make a life-changing impact in the world? No matter the size of your organization, whether you’re a brand new startup looking to do good right from Day 1 or a well-established company that wants to engage your team to do more good for the world, we can join forces with you to accomplish something truly impactful. Email us at 🤝 and let’s explore a way to team up!

The Watsi Team

The Watsi Team

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