Funding medical care in Burma!

We’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with Burma Children Medical Fund to fund healthcare for people on the Thai-Burma border.

Burma is the site of the world’s longest running civil war. There are hundreds of thousands of refugees and internally displaced people who don’t have access to medical care, but the intense political situation makes it nearly impossible for them to get care in neighboring Thailand.

BCMF is one of the few organizations that’s managed to build a strong relationship with the relevant Thai authorities and is able to facilitate the movement of patients with no legal status in Thailand for medical treatment.

They tell us, “ Each year at BCMF we find our caseload increasing. Sadly, BCMF continues to see patients affected by the conflict who cannot access health care in their home state.”

Because of the complicated logistics of getting these patients to a hospital for care, some of their treatments are more expensive than you’re used to seeing on Watsi.

We’re honored to support BCMF’s work (via Burma Border Projects), and hope you’ll join us in helping their patients gain access to critical medical care.

Connect with a patient in Burma!

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Chase Adam

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