Meet the new volunteers on our writing team!

This autumn, we've got a great team of writers helping us tell patient stories. Meet our new volunteers:

Valerie Caplan is a social policy researcher and recent transplant to the
Bay Area. Her research focuses on issues such as teen pregnancy, youth
homelessness, and unemployment. Valerie is excited to step outside of the
academic realm of research and use her writing skills to make a direct impact
on the lives of Watsi patients. In her spare time she can be found exploring the magical Bay Area running trails.

Abigail Hardee is a native of “near Charlotte” North Carolina, and is a recent graduate of the University of South Carolina where she studied Global Supply Chain & Operations Management and International Business with a focus on China. She is currently prepping for graduate school. Abigail is passionate about connections and believes that the power of the story will enact the change that this world needs to see in terms of access to healthcare. She is also passionate about data analytics, corgis, climbing, and kombucha, and is excited to contribute to the work that Watsi is doing this summer!

Trishla Jain is a 2015 graduate of Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service with a major in Science, Technology and International Affairs. She currently works for a global IT consulting firm at the intersection of healthcare and technology. She has a background in digital health and health information technology and is passionate about the work Watsi for medical patients around the world.

Jessica Kaplan is a junior at Deerfield High School in Chicago who aspires to study public health and business in college. She is very involved with her school's Model UN and Student Council. Jessica also loves crossword puzzles, traveling and practicing yoga. She is thrilled to be a part of the Watsi team!

Daniel Clough is COO at DIGIT Games Studios and has over 10 years experience in the technology space. Originally from Cambridge (UK), he recently moved to Malahide (Ireland). He likes to keep fit and healthy, and is a big crossfit fan. Daniel geeks out on productivity hacks, habits, routines and learning new things. He reads alot (mostly non-fiction) and has a passion for writing. He doesn't go far without some type of music playing - mostly hip-hop. He like things uncluttered and simple and is a sucker for a good cup of tea or glass of red wine.

Jen Wei is currently a senior at Olin College studying electrical and computer engineering and a future Leveroo. She first learned about Watsi two summers ago while interning at Lever and was fascinated by how Watsi leverages technology to make healthcare more accessible around the world. She's been (low-key) obsessed with Watsi ever since and is stoked to be volunteering with Watsi this summer! In her free time, Jen enjoys finding the best gifs (and making her own), baking, longboarding, and exploring.

Nate Hansen is a junior at Stanford University, where he is studying neurobiology and creative writing. Nate is an aspiring physician and fiction writer. He is excited to learn more about global health and to use the power of storytelling to bring medical care to those in need. When he is not in class, you may find him in the kitchen or diving in the kelp forests of Monterey.

Katie Sullivan lives in San Francisco doing PR for tech startups. She studied cognitive development and has worked on community-based public health programs in Nepal, Tanzania and Haiti. She's interested in the intersection of technology and human rights. In her free time, you can find her backpacking in the California wilderness or spinning up homemade ice cream.

Grace Hultquist

Grace Hultquist