Email marketing: faces work

At Watsi, we’re just starting to get our feet wet with email marketing. And unlike other organizations, we don’t have any strategy to speak of.

Instead of debating internally about our content and approach (e.g. a weekly digest vs. a monthly newsletter), we’re going to assume nothing, fearlessly test everything, and see what works. Whenever we discover something that we think is interesting, we’ll post about it here.

This week, we A/B tested our call to action. Here are examples of the two emails:

A - “View Patients” Button

B - “View Patients” Button + Patient Profiles

Email B, which included the patient profiles, saw a 35% increase in clickthroughs and a jaw-dropping 126% increase in conversions (i.e. donations made on Watsi).

Apparently, people really like faces and stories, and as a result, you’ll see a lot more of them in our future emails.

Grace Garey

Grace Garey

Cofounder at Watsi