How to double (or even triple!) the impact of your Watsi donations

Last week, one of our kindest supporters, Narendra Parekh, shared a heartfelt message that brightened our day. He wrote to say that his company would match his donations to Watsi. He shared:

"As a donor, the 'Matching Donation' has two amazing benefits. Firstly, it encourages you to dig deep into your heart and find a cause worth supporting. Secondly, it doubles your gift, allowing you to help twice as many people! It's a total win-win situation. Who wouldn't want to take full advantage of it?"

Since joining our Watsi community in 2020, Narendra has already helped 77 patients across 11 countries get closer to their dreams and live a healthy life, and now his company is also stepping in to double the impact! 💙

Today we want to share his simple yet impactful words with you, as many people are unaware that their generous contributions can be matched by their employers, resulting in an astonishing $4-$7 billion in unclaimed matching gift funds for charities each year. In fact, an estimated 65% of Fortune 500 companies offer matching gift programs, but they too often go unused. Just imagine the immense good that could be accomplished in the world with this support, particularly for an organization like Watsi!

Despite a little bit of paperwork ✏️ that may be required, having your donation matched by your company is a remarkably simple opportunity to double or even triple your impact, all at no additional cost to you.

Take a look if your company participates in matching donations and unlock the full potential of your generosity:

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See if your company will match your donation

Did you find your company? Amazing! 🙌

Follow your company's internal matching gift procedure and submit your matching gift request to them. They will handle the necessary processing and forward it to us for confirmation. Your company will often directly send their matching donation to us, further fueling your transformative impact on our mission to bring healthcare directly to those most in need.

Didn’t find a result for your company? Let's build one together.

In the event that your search for a matching program yields no results, there's more we can do. Together, we have the power to build a brighter future. 💪

Reach out to your dedicated People Ops or Human Resources team and inquire about the possibility of establishing a matched gift policy within your company. Nearly two-thirds of Fortune 500 companies match employee donations to eligible nonprofit organizations. It’s an easy and effective way to support nonprofits to grow and reach more people in need, increases the impact of your corporate social investment, and demonstrates alignment between your company and your employees leading to stronger hiring and employee retention.

If your company does not have a match program, let us join forces and create one together!

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The Watsi Team

The Watsi Team

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