Donor spotlight: meet Philip

Where do you live?

Brussels, Belgium

What do you do for work?

Computer Programmer

What are your top 5 passions outside of work?

Hobby engineering, nature, surfing, more programming, horses.

What inspires you?

Human and natural ingenuity, acts of compassion, enlightened societies.

Words to live by?

There’s always something in life for which to be very grateful.

How did you first hear about Watsi?

I regularly browse Hacker News and just caught the title: “Hey we built a website that saves lives”, as it began ranking up to the front page. I skeptically clicked the link and quickly found that the bold claim appeared to actually be true.

What made you donate on Watsi versus another donation platform/charity?

I like the simplicity of the website along with the focus on transparency. It’s made clear exactly where your donation goes and it’s so easy to donate right away. I didn’t have to enter my email address (twice). It was just; here’s the person that needs funding, here’s how much they need, contribute. After that you get immediate feedback on the effect of your donation and their funding needs lessen right away, before your very eyes. No other platform seems that efficient.

What was your favorite thing about donating to a patient on Watsi?

Seeing them get full funding for their treatment is just great. Knowing that there are others out there with their attention on filling a need, focused through Watsi, restores some of my faith in humanity.

Do you have a reason to care especially about health issues?

To me, an individual’s health is their most valuable physical asset. I think most suffering stems from poor health in some area and in many cases this can be easily alleviated with the right treatment. A world with less suffering is a better world. Right?

Where do you hope to see Watsi in 5 years?

I’d like to see Watsi doing exactly what they are now except with more patients, in more countries and to have become a household name.

If you could tell one thing to the Watsi patient you supported, what would it be?

“When you get better, remember that some random strangers actually cared about you and that you are a random stranger to someone else.”

Chase Adam

Chase Adam

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