Biking 10,000 miles for Watsi

This past April, Lizzy and Haley of Within Biking Distance took off on a cross-country bike trip to support patients on Watsi.

Lizzy, Haley, and their pet rat, Beef, have biked over 2,500 miles from their starting point in northern Oregon.

And they’ve still got 6,500 miles to go.

Local news stations from across the country have shared their story as they make their way from town to town, spreading the word about Watsi and distributing gift cards.

Lizzy and Haley’s team on Watsi has brought in over $2,000 in donations from people they’ve met across the country. These donations have supported over 40 patients, and counting.

Haley's bike

Lizzy and Haley's pet rat, Beef

Join us in following Lizzy and Haley via their mileage tracker as they fund healthcare for patients around the world.

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Katya Lavine

Katya Lavine

I manage medical partnerships @ Watsi