Behind the smile of Watsi patients

Meet the incredible team at who is powering smiles for 89 Watsi patients (and their families!) across 8 countries by funding their high-impact medical care and rewarding the world. For over a decade, has been helping the world’s largest brands create innovative reward and loyalty programs that put a smile on their customers’ faces. Now, they’re spreading joy and happiness even further by making healthcare a reality for all.

Image showing all the conditions and number of patients supported by's donation on Watsi. has made a life-changing impact for 89 Watsi patients around the world.

"We know there are inequities in access to healthcare around the world. At we strive to live out our values to be hungry, humble, and human. Helping create positive change in healthcare for everyone naturally embodies those values,"'s Head of PeopleOps Amanda shared with us. "We have supported Watsi in the past and wanted to give back to those who cannot afford healthcare for themselves. Watsi provides the perfect opportunity to extend our goal of creating positive change for patients around the world. Being a fully remote company with employees around the world, we wanted to give back in a way that had a global impact. Each day we strive to be humble, hungry, and human with what we do inside and outside of Big thank you to Watsi for all the great work you are doing, we are so happy and proud to be a part of it!"

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Meet the incredible team at spreading good health around the world.

For this campaign, the team had a holiday store for employees to shop at and choose their gifts, and any remaining funds were dedicated to supporting patients on Watsi. Some people even chose to donate their full credit to Watsi!’s donations have already funded successful medical treatments for patients like Noah, a young boy from Tanzania. came together with 22 donors on and fully funded his life-changing surgery. Noah is now back home and healthy—doing everything a 3-year-old should enjoy in life!

Image of Noah, a watsi patient from Tanzania who received life-changing medical care with the support of
Noah’s mother shared, “Thank you for paying for my son’s treatment and caring for him enough to make sure he is doing well after surgery. May God bless you.”

At Watsi we believe that everyone everywhere has a role in building a better future and doing good. Every company, every leader, and every employee is instrumental and critical to this movement. Thank you team for living out your values. Thank you for inspiring generosity and leading the way. We hope you know what an incredible impact you are making with your generous support of Watsi.

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The Watsi Team

The Watsi Team

Everyone deserves healthcare.