A message of solidarity, support, and commitment to action

To our community,

We share our unequivocal solidarity with those standing up to dismantle generations of racism and injustice for the Black community in the United States and for people who have been marginalized around the world. We say loudly and clearly: Black Lives Matter.

As the COVID-19 pandemic has made clear, racism directly results in health disparities and avoidable illness and deaths. Everyday, we see how long-standing structures and policies negatively impact health outcomes for people of color and needlessly keep people, families, and communities from unlocking their full potential. It makes us both saddened and angry to know that without realizing this potential, our world is worse off and missing out on beauty, innovation, creativity, and a betterment of humanity that could be possible.

We take seriously a deep moral commitment to actively work toward meaningful change both within our organization and around the world. While we have been leaning in to our organizational value of listening and learning, we know that is not enough. We must also focus on unlearning, being present and in solidarity with those mobilizing for change, creating space for new voices to be heard, and taking action ourselves.  

While being guided by our values, we commit to both an immediate and long-term effort to:

1) Lift up voices of our patients and our local medical partners—groups that have often been marginalized or treated without the dignity they deserve;

2) Build connections among diverse people, foster empathy, and celebrate our shared humanity;

3) Inspire action that has deep and meaningful impact;

4) Create change that builds a healthier and more just world.

If you would like to share reflections, feedback, or ideas with us as we continue on this journey, please reach out to connect@watsi.org. We want to hear from you.

While this is a painful moment, at the same time we carry a hope that this movement will grow into lasting healing and change, finally. With an understanding that health is a foundation for a full life, may we channel this energy to make healthcare more equitable and truly accessible to those who have too long been denied the care they deserve.

Thank you for being together with us on this journey toward a healthier, more just world.

The Watsi Team

The Watsi Team

Everyone deserves healthcare.