Caroline (left) and Jen (right) are Watsi’s summer editorial + content interns!

Caroline is entering her second year at UCLA, where she is pursuing a pre-medical degree as a Human Biology & Society major. A Bay Area native, Caroline is looking forward to coming home for the summer, hiking with family and friends and helping out at Watsi to advance a cause that she feels really passionate about. This Watsi internship unites Caroline’s writing and editing experience with her excitement for the future of healthcare, so she couldn’t be more excited to get started in SF with the Watsi team!

Jen is defined by two passions: writing and medicine. Having lived with chronic illness for many years, she writes to help improve the lives of those experiencing illnesses and disabilities. Jen currently attends Stanford University, where she is studying English and working to demystify and destigmatize illness through op-eds, speeches, and her blog in the literary magazine The Leland Quarterly. She is also a volunteer mentor for the Pacific Adolescent Leadership Council, helping chronically ill teenage patients become advocates for themselves and their peers.