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Boticca, marketplace for fashion accessories with a story, launches Watsi partnership

Grace Garey by Grace Garey  •  posted 2 years ago in news

We love Boticca. Not only because their CEO, Kiyan, was one of Watsi’s earliest advisors, but because they believe in the power of stories.

Boticca is a global marketplace that allows you to connect with independent designers of fashion accessories around the world, discover their stories, and shop directly from their studios.

Today, Boticca is officially joining our team and launching a partnership with Watsi where they’ll donate 0.5% of every purchase to fund life-changing healthcare for patients.

The holidays are coming soon, so consider buying a beautiful piece with a global story and supporting global healthcare while you’re at it on Boticca.

Grace Garey

Connecting people. Watsi cofounder.